The Folded Paper Project

I began this as a challenge to myself. I had fallen out of the habit of making photographs, and wanted something simple. I decided to draw on an early exercise that had been one of the most challenging projects I undertook as a beginning photo student: one hundred photographs of the same object. I've since used that same assignment myself, to great effect. The arbitrary limitations force creativity with your subject, lighting, composition and style. So, starting on October 14th, 2014, I committed to taking a photograph of ordinary printer paper every day, using my cell phone and basic office supplies. I was allowed to tear, fold, glue, tape, and cut the paper, but only the paper itself could be shown in the photographs. There were occasionally nights that I missed taking the photograph. I missed exactly 20 days for various reasons. I ended the project on July 9th, 2015. The Folded Paper Project gave me a lot to consider.